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Handmade Soap F-Z

Our soaps are handmade from virgin vegetable oils (olive, coconut, soy, palm, sweet almond, sunflower, apricot kernel, and/or avocado), lye, and distilled water. Additions are noted with descriptions. Our handmade soaps provide luscious lather and a delightful scent to cleanse and invigorate. Enjoy our handmade soap in your morning shower, an evening bath, at the kitchen sink, or just general clean-up.
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all soaps weigh at least 4 oz. (unless noted)
$7.00 each

fresh clay

Fresh Clay
Great for problem skin and a terrific shaving soap, this bar combines French clay and a fresh essential oil blend

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Lady's Clay
ndender, rose geranium and sweet orange essential oils combined with pink kaolin clay for a lady's skin care.

Lavender Fields

Lavender Fields
Good, old-fashioned lavender soap, with healing and antiseptic lavender and tea tree essential oils, and ground lavender flowers (all skin types - off-white with flecks)

lavender lemon

Lavender Lemon
Soothing and healing lavender with clean and refreshing lemon in a lovely, luscious soap

lemongrass poppyseed

Lemongrass Poppyseed
A bright and cheery soap, very lightly scrubby for the very grubby, with citrus and tea tree essential oils, and poppyseeds and ground lemongrass (normal to oily skin types - pale yellow with flecks)

memeal, cream & honey

Oatmeal, Cream & Honey
Soothing oatmeal, moisturizing dairy cream, and healing honey, with just a bit of almond fragrance (all skin types - brown with flecks)

pure peppermint

Pure Peppermint
Just a little spark of cheer and comfort to brighten your day in a tingly fresh way. Natural swirled with white... normal to oily skin types.

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Rosemary Lemon Silk
Rejuvenating rosemary and refreshing lemon essential oils in a delightful soap with real silk (all skin types - pale green)

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Shea's All That
Relaxing lavender and sweet vanilla in a luxurious soap enriched with pure shea butter

silken lilac

Silken Lilac
White lilacs seemingly straight from Grandma's garden, in a satiny soap with real silk (all skin types - white)

skin soother

Skin Soother
Soothing chamomile and pure baking soda, with antiseptic and healing tea tree oil (all skin types - pale yellow with flecks)

stress free

Stress-Free GreenTea™
The powerful properties of real ground green tea combined with a stress relief and healing essential oil blend (all skin types - dusky dark green with flecks)

raspberry tea

Sweet Raspberry Tea
Lightly and sweetly scented, and reminiscent of an afternoon on the farm sipping Raspberry Zinger Tea (all skin type - dark pink with flecks)

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Tangelo Loofah
($7.50, 5 ounces)
Invigorating citrus and tea tree essential oils in an exfoliating loofah slice

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