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E-Tomic Balm

E-Tomic Balm Finally!!! E-tomic Balm is here!!! A deep and warming rub for aching muscles and joints!!! (Smells amazing, too!) This is a penetrating muscle and joint balm, without being greasy or intensely smelly. In fact, it's kind of snickerdoodlish... There is enough wintergreen for pain relief, and cinnamon , ginger, and cloves to warm the muscles and joints up a bit. But the real heroes are arnica, an amazing herb that promotes fibrous tissue healing, and evening primrose oil, a wonderfully penetrating natural anti-inflammatory. Without any capsaicin, Etomic Balm won't burn going on - in fact it takes a few minutes for it to start working, almost from the inside out. Very subtle, but very effective.
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2.5 oz twist-up - $15.00

Solid Lotion Bars

Solid Lotion Bars Solid, portable convenient - Lotion in a Stick! An instant moisturizer with no mess! Packaged in a twist-up container (think deodorant...) that won't spill in your purse or melt in your car! Just rub into your skin for instant relief of dry skin! Contains vegetable oils and butters, beeswax, and your choice of one of our delicious and invigorating scents...

2.5 ounces twist-up container - $9.50

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