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The first question people always ask me is - Why did you start making soap? And I answer - I've always liked (and been good at) making things, and learning new things, and the chemistry of soap just plain fascinates me! I mean, you take ooey-gooey oil and one of the most caustic substances on earth, lye, and then you mix them together within a prescribed method, and you get soap! And if you take the time to learn which oil to use for what - you get gentle, wonderful soap!

All of my soap is lovingly handmade by me in small, 8 pound batches using the cold process kettle method, utilizing only the best stuff I can find - food-grade vegetable oils and butters, herb and spices, grains, teas, dairy cream, pure Oklahoma-grown honey and beeswax, silk, natural and cosmetic grade colorants, high quality fragrance oils, and pure essential oils. All the soap bars are hand-cut, cured a minimum of 4 weeks, and then hand-wrapped in waxed tissue paper. All of these factors combine to produce the best soap I can make - wonderfully mild and rich!

Absolutely no petroleum products will ever be used in anything that I make - promise! All my products are tested by willing friends and family (and not so willing children...) and I know that you'll love them as much as I do! (The soaps and stuff, not the kids...)

Return statement - Due to the handmade nature of my products, there are no returns or exchanges, please.
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I hope to hear from you soon, and repeatedly.


Aubrey Kenworthy, Owner
626 W Lake Rd
Guthrie, OK 73044
Ph: 405-293-6151

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