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Fall/Winter 2017 Goodies Schedule

Home sales always welcome. (C’mon - Guthrie isn’t THAT far away!!!) - very easy access from exit 153 on I-35. Just call me - 405-293-6151 or 405-408-5355

Saturdays thru Oct 28 - Edmond, OK Farmers' Market.
8am-1pm, Festival Marketplace, 2nd & Broadway.
(Mostly Jennifer; occasionally me)

November 11 - Earthglow Market
Church of the Servant
14343 N MacArthur, OKC.
9am-3pm (Jennifer)

November 17-19 - Heart of Tulsa
Tulsa State Fairgrounds, Driller Building (Expo Center? You know the one...) Booth 801 (SE corner of building) (This will probably be me.)

December 2 - Kingfisher Winterfest
Kingfisher, OK. More info soon.

December 9 - Goodies Holiday Open House!!!
I've been wanting to do this for years!!! Holiday shopping, gift basket making, gifts for partying peeps, FOOD!! (You may not know this, but I COOK. LOL) Pop in and out, or stay all day! 9am-4pm at our house here in Guthrie!!!

Basic Shipping Information!

We try to ship at least couple of times a week, more often if needed. I do not charge your credit card or download your PayPal until I am ready to ship. We are working very hard to find the most affordable shipping options for you! If you are International, it will take me a few extra days, and I will PayPal invoice or charge your card the additional shipping costs. (I also reserve the right to send you 4 small EBbalms in place of one large EBalm, if a smaller box will save you a nice bit on shipping!)
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