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Welcome to the Goodies Unlimited website...
handcrafted soaps and sundries for the appreciative consumer.

what is this?

Specializing in luxurious handmade soap, balms, and lotions, made from the finest ingredients such as emollient olive, coconut, sweet almond, and sunflower oils, rich cocoa butter, lavish fragrances, delightful herbs and spices, and pure aromatherapy-grade essential oils.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Dear Goodies Peeps!!!!

As life tries to return to whatever passes for normal around this place, I hold in my heart a wish that 2015 treats everyone with peace, kindness, and joy, with just a titch of whimsy now and again!

We're going to try for a better year of organization here Chez Goodies - last year was a start, but I know I can do better this time. At least the closet under the stairs got cleaned out - no chance I can get lost in there now! And this year, I resolve to stay ahead of myself with Goodies stock and such! I'm feeling good about that one right now, but it's early yet...

I have the start of the Winter/Spring show schedule up - I am looking forward to seeing everyone again! I'm a bit of a hermit here at home, so talking to y'all is rejuvenating!

A note about orders - I have a glitch somewhere with confirmation emails, so please don't panic if you don't receive one. Feel free to email me if you want to confirm your confirm... LOL I'm not the savviest webby type person (which is why I have an AWESOME webmistress - see her tag line at the bottom of the page), but I will get it sussed out in a bit. Remember that I don't charge your order until I'm ready to ship!

All that said - I am out of here for a week to go see my mom in Houston! See the schedule page for dates..

All my love, Aubrey

handmade soap
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