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Welcome to the Goodies Unlimited website...
handcrafted soaps and sundries for the appreciative consumer.

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Specializing in luxurious handmade soap, balms, and lotions, made from the finest ingredients such as emollient olive, coconut, sweet almond, and sunflower oils, rich cocoa butter, lavish fragrances, delightful herbs and spices, and pure aromatherapy-grade essential oils.

Fall 2014 Shipping and Schedule, Etc.!!!

Dear Old Faithful and the legions of New Goodies Peeps!

I have been gob-smacked, I have. The Yarn Harlot (www.yarnharlot.ca) is the Ellen DeGeneres of knitters - and for good reason! I personally think she has excellent taste, is exceedingly generous, and she is very, very, very funny. She also dishes out a mean hug! This revelation comes about because she happens to like my stuff, but then she goes and TELLS everybody! Gob-smacked, I am, I am.

But I am now also very, very, very behind in sending out all of your wonderful orders. I have managed to send out every single one I could (in the order they were received) with the stuff I had on hand, but I am now waiting (tap-tap-tap) on a truck to bring me beeswax and things, so I can make more stuff, so I can send out the rest. We also have family Holiday stuff this weekend that will put a bit of a crimp in this "work" thing. (Oh, and please don't panic if you haven't received an order confirmation - I have a glitch somewhere, and I am NOT dealing with it NOW.)

So, here is the deal. If you are in the US, and absolutely, positively HAVE to have your order by Christmas, call or email me ASAP, and I will pull you guys up in the queue, and mail on Monday. After that, I will keep mailing until I am caught up, which will supersede the closure notice below, until I am DONE. You will then find me drowning in the "eggnog".

(Call 405-359-7375, email goodiesunlimited@aol.com)

I will be home up until Christmas (well and after that, too) for come-to-my-house shopping! Goodies will be closed December 24 through January 4, with shipping resuming January 5. (I am planning on being here, so you are welcome to call me if you want to pick up stuff. Just NO making and NO sending. 405-359-7375) as always, I will not charge your credit card or download your PayPal until I am preparing to ship your order.

Have a wonderful rest of 2014!!! Take the time to admire the show nature puts on, and take care. And know that I couldn't do this without you! Thank You!

Hugs and gobsmacks, Aubrey

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